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Our Superstars of March 2023

We loved these books and will repeat reading them every often. This time many of our story picks are must-read.

Best Book - Overall

# 1 Watercress

Some children feel embarrassed about their families but come to terms with it, mainly as adults, when they understand the reason behind it. This is one such story where the little girl realizes why her family is in a certain way and understands the pride of her family. The illustrations magically transport one to the world of the little girl. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Watercress by Andrea Wang is a must-read for children and adults that conveys the intricacies of a family through frame-worthy illustrations by Jason Chin.

# 2 Rosie Revere, Engineer

The fun illustrations and the motivating story of Rosie and her quest for inventions will make children fall in love with dreaming and working towards it. The rhyming texts work perfectly, making them a perfect read-a-loud for young children. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

An encouraging plot of a budding engineer narrated in rhyming style through fascinating illustrations of David Roberts makes Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty, a must-read for young children.

# 3 Mel Fell

The story is about a young bird’s courageous attempt to fly and how Mel overcomes her fear and failure and emerges victorious. The layout of the book and the quirky illustrations work beautifully for the storyline. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

The playful layout with whimsical illustrations weaved in with the message of courage and determination makes Mel Fell by Cory R. Tabor an exciting read for young children.

Best Book - Illustration

# 1 Wishes

The book is simple yet powerful in conveying the plight of people who risk their lives to move from one place to another, leaving their loved ones. In the end, the little girl’s conclusion is profound. The illustrations beautifully complement the storyline. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Through the perilous journey of a little girl moving to a new place and leaving behind everything dear to her, Wishes by Muon Thi Van reminds us to be more kind to the world.

# 2 Flipflopi

We enjoy books that discuss ways to protect the environment. The book tells the story of a young boy and his grandfather who start with a small idea, involve the community, and turn it into a meaningful movement for the region. The illustrations are stunning and help the story flow more smoothly. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Every significant change begins with one person, and Flipflopi by Linda Ravin Lodding and Dipesh Pabari, with stunning illustrations by Michael Machira Mwangi, tells one such heartwarming story that sowed the seeds of a plastic revolution in East Africa.

# 3 You Have A Superpower!

The book discusses how a young girl overcomes the fear of having diabetes and handling her friends. It also emphasizes that simple reassurances from family and healthcare providers can help children face their health conditions better. The illustrations are superb. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

You Have A Superpower! by Sarah Lou is a gorgeously illustrated story of a little girl who discovers her superpower and will surely motivate you to find yours when needed.

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