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Our Superstars of December 2023

We loved these books and will repeat reading them every often. This time many of our story picks are must-read.

Best Book - Overall

# 1 All the Way to the Top

The narrative centers on Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins, a spirited and determined young girl with a disability, and her transformative impact on those similar to her. The illustrations vividly capture the essence of the storytelling, mirroring its vibrant tone. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

In the book All the Way to the Top by Annette Bay Pimentel and illustrated by Nabi. H. Ali, Jennifer demonstrates that there are no age limits when fighting for one’s rights, as long as you are determined in your goal. This true story will undoubtedly fascinate young minds.

# 2 Norman Didn't Do It!

Norman was lovable until we observed the harm he inflicted upon the other tree. He promptly regains our admiration and solidifies his position in our hearts. The narrative can provide children with a means to address jealousy within relationships. The brilliant illustrations elevate the story to a different level and make you enjoy every antics. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Norman Didn't Do It! by Ryan T. Higgins is a delightful visual treat that will bring joy to readers of all ages. Norman also imparts valuable life lessons through his not-so-adorable deed, which he ultimately redeems himself.

# 3 The World Is Not a Rectangle

This book pays homage to Zaha Hadid, an internationally acclaimed architectural figure. Her remarkable work continues to make a resounding impact on the world. The book delves into her initial challenges as both an outsider and a woman in architecture. The illustrations, while uncomplicated, perfectly complement the narrative. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

The World Is Not a Rectangle is a perfect tribute to the influential architect Zaha Hadid. Through Jeanette Winter's narration and illustrations, the book beautifully portrays Zaha's life journey in a way that is accessible and engaging for children.

Best Book - Illustration

# 1 The Girl Who Thought in Pictures

This book narrates the life story of Dr. Mary Temple Grandin, an animal behaviorist. Despite being autistic, Temple's determination and support from her loved ones enabled her to overcome all obstacles and reach remarkable achievements. The illustrations in this book, designed for children, are skillfully crafted, adding depth to the narrative. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

The Girl Who Thought in Pictures by Julia Finley Mosca eloquently honors Temple Grandin, the esteemed animal behavioral scientist, with stunning visual illustrations by Daniel Rieley.

# 2 The Taekwonderoos: Rescue at Rattling Ridge

The story revolves around three friends who are taekwondo masters on a rescue mission. Children will develop an understanding and appreciation of each other's strengths through teamwork. The illustrations beautifully enhanced the storytelling. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

The Taekwonderoos: Rescue at Rattling Ridge, written by Michael Panzner and illustrated by Lora Look, is an exciting adventure that will keep young children on the edge of their seats. Not only is it a thrilling story, but it also imparts valuable lessons along the way.

# 3 From Head to Toe

Eric Carle, the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, is a household name in the world of picture books. This book exhibits similar simplicity yet will thoroughly engross children. The illustrations are classic Eric's book style, simple and bright. The book is more suited for toddlers. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle is a fun read-aloud that will have kids jumping up and down as their favorite animals dare them to mimic them.

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