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Our Superstars of November 2023

We loved these books and will repeat reading them every often. This time many of our story picks are must-read. This time, we have two books occupying the #1 spot.

Best Book - Overall

# 1 The Scarecrow

The story explores the irony of life and emphasizes the importance of having a bigger heart. It also highlights how acts of kindness can have positive consequences. Some young children may find it challenging to understand the story. Still, it truly tells a beautiful story with a powerful message that resonates with readers of all ages. The illustrations are crucial in conveying the story's impact to the reader. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry, illustrated by Eric Fan & Terry Fan, is a must-read book that combines gorgeous illustrations with a captivating story and a hard-hitting kindness lesson.

# 1 It Fell from the Sky

With an intriguing storyline that invokes curiosity from the start, the story eventually teaches young children valuable life lessons through the Spider's actions. Not only that, but the stunning illustrations enhance the storytelling, captivating readers even more. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

It Fell from the Sky by Terry Fan delivers a priceless lesson to young children, teaching them about the dangers of greed and emphasizing what truly holds value in life. Eric Fan beautifully conveyed this powerful message through the stunning illustrations.

# 3 Grandad's Camper

The book tells the story of an LGBT couple, Grandpa and Gramps. It explores various aspects of relationships, including their values, overcoming the loss of loved ones, and building strong bonds. Throughout the story, the beautiful illustrations enhance the smooth narration and bring the tale to life. It emphasizes the importance of cherishing every little thing with our loved ones. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Grandad's Camper by Harry Woodgate beautifully emphasizes the significance of relationships, particularly the ones shared between grandparents and grandchildren. This inclusive story reminds us to cherish these connections with all our hearts.

Best Book - Illustration

# 1 Farmhouse

The author recounts the story of a family that grows up as a large family on a farm away from the urban noises. Over time, they move on to look after each one's life, and the house that once hosted all of them is now in ruins. However, the author tries to preserve memories of the house through the book, filled with vibrant illustrations that capture the essence of the storyline. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Sophie Blackall's Farmhouse is a captivating book that appeals to readers of all ages. It offers a delightful glimpse into life on a farm, making it a perfect choice for children. Moreover, adults will appreciate its ability to resonate with the circle of life.

# 2 Extra Yarn

The story revolves around a little girl who selflessly shares her newfound treasure with everyone around her. The vibrant illustrations perfectly complement the storyline and create a visually engaging experience. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

In the book Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett, beautifully illustrated by Jon Klassen, children will learn the concept of giving and expecting nothing in return.

# 3 Chicken Coop Chaos

In the book, Pearl is the main character, a chicken who hesitates to make new friends. However, as the story progresses, Pearl understands that every good relationship holds something valuable for oneself. The illustrations in the book are vibrant and enjoyable, enhancing the overall storyline. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

The encounter between Pearl and Wendell in Chicken Coop Chaos, written by Nancy Tavares and illustrated by Sian Moore, is a powerful reminder that every relationship holds mutual value and beauty.

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