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Our Superstars of September 2023

We loved these books and will repeat reading them every often. This time many of our story picks are must-read.

Best Book - Overall

# 1 Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

This book is a contemporary and more streamlined version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The story is told in a humorous tone, making it appropriate for children of all ages. The brightly colored illustrations perfectly complemented the plot. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

The book Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type, authored by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin, portrays farm animals who have embraced a contemporary form of expression to voice their requests. Their amusing antics are bound to evoke unstoppable laughter.

# 2 The Very Impatient Caterpillar

Children will giggle throughout the reading time and maybe even afterward because of the hilarious antics of the caterpillar. A book is an educational tool, teaching children how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. The illustrations are bright and complement the storyline perfectly. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach is not only a hilarious story that will have children laughing out loud, but it also teaches them about the evolution of a butterfly.

# 3 How to Apologize

Making mistakes is a common occurrence - one that we all experience. Whether big or small, the response after making a mistake is to apologize. However, saying sorry is a complex task. It could be because of our own pride or other people’s reactions. Still, regardless of the reason, it is important to apologize. No matter how difficult it may be, we should always take responsibility and express our regret through a sincere apology. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

In How to Apologize by David LaRochelle, the brilliant illustrations by Mike Wohnoutka convey a powerful message: a single word can restore someone’s dignity. The book balances humor and impact, making it a compelling read.

Best Book - Illustration

# 1 Thank You, Omu!

The story of Omu’s selfless act of sharing her dinner with everyone is genuinely heartwarming. Despite her generosity, her community is equally kind and reciprocates with an abundance of kindness, completing the loop of giving. The charming paper-cut style illustrations only add to the overall appeal of the storyline. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Oge Mora’s Thank You, Omu! weaves together a heartwarming tale of love, sharing, kindness, and community that will capture the imaginations of little ones.

# 2 Fry Bread

The book is delightful, as it effortlessly imparts heart-touching lessons about the history of the Native American struggle. The gorgeous illustrations complement the story perfectly, easing the heavy-hearted narration for young children. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

In Fry Bread, illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal, Kevin Noble Maillard provides valuable insights into an essential aspect of Native American history. The illustrations perfectly complement the text, helping readers fully grasp this traditional food's significance.

# 3 Abdul's Story

The story centers around a young boy who must confront his insecurities about his writing abilities. Through his journey, the story sheds light on children's common struggle of self-doubt with their pursuits. The illustrations in the book are captivating and complement the storyline seamlessly. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Abdul’s Story, written by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow and illustrated by Tiffany Ros, presents a relatable struggle that can be experienced by people of all ages. However, the story also delivers a valuable lesson on the importance of persistence and perseverance in overcoming such challenges.

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