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Mel Fell

Fly high and high!

Little bird Mel plunges into her first flying adventure when mom leaves searching for prey. Her siblings warn her, but Mel won’t stop. Mel feared her first flight, but she gathered her courage and jumped. She dropped but fell even after all her tree neighbors extended some help to save her, but none could. Mel fell into the water below. What happened to Mel?

We picked this story based on a recommendation. The story is about a young bird’s courageous attempt to fly and how Mel overcomes her fear and failure and emerges victorious. The layout of the book and the quirky illustrations work beautifully for the storyline.

The playful layout with whimsical illustrations weaved in with the message of courage and determination makes Mel Fell by Cory R. Tabor an exciting read for young children.

Originally published: 2021

Author: Cory R. Tabor

Illustrator: Cory R. Tabor

Rating basis (of 5.0): Story (5.0), Characters (5.0) Writing Style (5.0), Illustrations (5.0) & Ease (4.5)

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