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We 're Currently Accepting Books for Review.
Our current review processing and publishing time is about 12 weeks.

We love and live PBs. Therefore, we will treat your books with utmost care.

Please read our FAQs before out the form.

Please check the terms & conditions,

Thanks for submitting! 
We will reply within a week if we agree to review the book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of books do you review?

We review only picture books. But we accept books from all types of publishers, including self-published ones. We also accept ARCs. We review only books in English. We accept only books that are 40 pages or less (preferably less than 1000 words). We accept only one review request per author at a time. If you have multiple books, please send one per month. 

What formats of books do you accept?
We love to receive a physical book, but we understand that it is not always feasible, so we treat e-books received on par with physical copies. If you want to send a physical copy, we will provide the address. Please note we are based in India. 

How do you rate the book?
We review a book based on its cover, concept, story, illustrations and suitability. Reviews are our honest opinions. So we won't promise five stars for all the books. Also, we can't change/omit any part of the review unless it is a factual mistake. All reviews and ratings are final.

How long does it take to post a review?
We will post a review within 12 weeks. However, if you need the review by a specific date, we may accommodate it. Please let us know.

Where do you post the reviews?
Reviews are first posted on this blog. But, we also post on Goodreads and Toppasta. In addition, we will add the book review on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. So kindly sign up for our newsletter to stay updated. You can also follow us on GoodreadsTwitterInstagram, and Toppsta to get an update on when your review is published. We can tag you if you follow us when we post the review.

Do you charge for the reviews?

We do not charge for reviews.

I understood your review policy, so what now?
Use the form and tell us about your book. Then, we will get back to you. Once we accept to review the book, we will request a copy from you. On receipt, we will add it to our TBR. After the review is ready, we will post it on our blog and other mediums. So, please sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the updates.

How to send us a book if we accept to review it?
If you are sending an e-copy, please use WeTransfer or any direct download links if the file size is too large. We will provide the postal address if you agree to send a physical copy.

What do we do with the book after completing the review process?
If you send an e-copy, we will delete it from our database once the review process is complete. If you send a physical copy, we will give it to a local library or school.

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