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Comprehensive Guide to Picture Book Ratings and Reviews

We are delighted to welcome you to our warm and inviting corner of the internet, where the stories from picture books spring to life with enchanting tales, endearing characters, and captivating illustrations that ignite our imaginations. Whether you are a passionate reader or an author seeking valuable critiques, we have something special for you.

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Unveiling the Magic: Our Rating Journey


Have you ever wondered how we evaluate the magic of picture books and assign a rating? It’s almost like trying to capture the colors of a rainbow in a jar! To achieve this, we analyze each book based on multiple aspects:

  • Story: The beating heart of every picture book, where imagination takes flight and emotions come to life.

  • Characters: The pals who lead us on grand adventures or tug at our heartstrings, making us laugh, cry, and believe.

  • Writing Style: The brushstrokes of words that paint vivid scenes and transport us to new worlds.

  • Illustrations: The visual feast that turns words into vibrant, eye-catching art, enriching the storytelling experience.

  • Cover: The window into a book’s soul sets the stage for the magic within.

  • Ease of Reading: The smooth sailing through captivating pages that keep us hooked from start to finish.

Our Stars Guide the Way: From Wonder to Brilliance

5+ star

5 Stars + Exceptional: An extraordinary gem that has aced every criterion. This book is a masterpiece destined to be cherished.


5 Stars - Excellent: An exceptional work that stands out, promising a captivating and memorable journey.


4.5 Stars - Wonderful: A stellar rating for a book that shines bright but misses perfection by a whisker.


4 Stars - Very Good: A quality creation that excels in many aspects, inviting readers into its world.


3.5 Stars - Solid: A strong score showcasing a solid effort, creating an engaging and enjoyable reading experience.


3 Stars - Good: A satisfying read that offers enjoyment and a memorable experience.

Please Note: At NBPB Reviews, we uphold a commitment to quality. As a result, we only publish picture books with ratings of 3 stars or above. This ensures that the books we recommend and share with our readers meet a standard of excellence.

Calling All Dream Weavers: Star of the Month Honors

To the authors and illustrators who craft the magic—we see you, and we celebrate you! Our Star of the Month awards shine a spotlight on exceptional works in two categories:

  • Star of the Month - Story: A tale that pulls heartstrings and ignites the imagination, with characters who become lifelong companions.

  • Star of the Month - Illustration: Art that dances off the page, creating a visual symphony that lingers in our minds.

Star of the month
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A Heartfelt Thank You


We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all book lovers and imaginative minds. Your fondness for picture books and devotion to storytelling is a substantial motivation for us. Thank you for being an inspiration!
Go ahead, delve into our reviews, join us in honoring the stars of the month, and immerse yourself in the magic of picture books.

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