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Our Superstars of February 2023

We loved these books and will repeat reading them every often. This time all our story picks is a must-read.

Best Book - Overall

# 1 Maddi’s Fridge

Hunger is a serious issue; ten percent of the world’s population stays hungry daily. Making children aware of this is crucial. And this book fulfills it through the heartwarming story of Sophia and Maddie that children can easily comprehend. In addition, the illustrations are fun and vibrant. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Maddi’s Fridge by Lois Brandt is a delightfully illustrated, must-read story of friendship and compassion that can help begin a classroom conversation on hunger and food waste.

# 2 Saturday at the Food Pantry

We all know food security is an important issue faced globally, irrespective of the economic status of a country. And affects children at all levels - nutritional and psychological. This book carries the vital message that it’s okay to seek help and is a must-read for young children. The illustrations are colorful and captivating. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

A story of empathy, courage, and community told through a day in the life of Molly, Saturday at the Food Pantry by Diane O’Neill empowers and creates an awareness of food security in young children.

# 3 When the Sky Glows

The book covers all the classic phenomena of the majestic sky. The book will help you become a fan of the sky. The illustrations are frame-worthy, doing every bit of justice to the storyline. Children can learn about the sky. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

David Litchfield perfectly captures the eternal mystical beauty of the sky through its various phenomena in the must-read When the Sky Glows by Nell Cross Beckerman.

Best Book - Illustration

# 1 Dear Librarian

This book is a hearty and delightful tribute to the author’s childhood influencer. Positive inspirations are what you need during bad times, and that’s what the librarian was to Lydia. Her kindness brought much-needed happiness into young Lydia’s life. The illustrator has done a marvelous job of bringing to life the author’s life-changing moments. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Dear Librarian by Lydia M. Sigwarth is a well-deserved tribute to the beautiful souls who lift our spirits. The illustrations walk one through the story in a perfect symphony.

# 2 All Are Neighbors

The book is a meaningful addition to a first-day read at school or bedtime for children preparing to enter schooling. The easy-to-read rhyming texts and colorful illustrations will welcome them to a new world without fear or hesitation. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

All Are Neighbors by Alexandra Penfold is a beautifully illustrated inclusive book that joyously welcomes every child to their school.

# 3 The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles

Repayment of kindness is the storyline. The book will appeal to those who understand the joy of receiving snail mail. The illustrations are so reminiscent of the letter era. Check our full review by clicking on the book icon.

Adults will cherish the postal ages, and children will know the beauty of that era along with a message of empathy in the gorgeously illustrated The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles by Michelle Cuevas.

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