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Bodies Are Cool

We look good.

Everybody looks fine, no matter how different they are from others. Everything is normal, whether it is the body shape or size, skin color, hair type, color of the eyes, or shape of the face. Even those scars don't make anyone different from others.

We picked this book for its blurb. The book promotes the idea that everyone looks cool, regardless of how they look or if they look different. Its repetitive text elements make it suitable for young children, and the inclusive illustrations complement the text effectively. However, it is essential to note that the book's content may not be acceptable to everyone, so parental discretion is advised.

In the book Bodies Are Cool, Tyler Feder promotes body positivity and inspires readers to embrace and honor the uniqueness of everyone's appearance.

Originally published: 2021

Author: Tyler Feder

Illustrations: Tyler Feder

Rating basis (of 5.0): Story (3.0), Characters (4.5), Writing Style (3.0), Illustrations (4.0), Cover (4.0) & Ease (3.0)

Disclaimer: The copyrights of all the images used here belong to the book publishers, authors, and illustrators. The opinions expressed here are our personal views. Please contact us if you are the author or illustrator of this book and want this review removed from our site.

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