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Where am I?

Beegu, an extraterrestrial, somehow got lost on earth on one of her trips. But, unfortunately, none understood Beegu’s language or signs to help her. So she traveled near and far until she reached a city where she thought she heard her mother. But it wasn’t her mother. In the city, everything seemed different. Beegu didn’t want to be alone, but she had no choice but to stay alone. What happened to Beegu? Did she go back home?

We picked this book based on a recommendation. The storyline talks about a young alien, how she eventually finds her way back home, and her perception of earth and humans. The illustrations support the story well.

Beegu by Alexis Deacon is a colorfully illustrated, heartening story of an alien girl who finds her mother after some struggle on earth.

Originally published: 2003

Author: Alexis Deacon

Rating basis (of 5.0): Story (2.5), Characters (3.0) Writing Style (4.0), Illustrations (4.5) & Ease (4.0)

Disclaimer: The copyrights of all the images used here belong to the book publishers, authors, and illustrators. The opinions expressed here are our personal views. Please contact us if you are the author or illustrator of this book and want this review removed from our site.

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