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Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog

Zip, zap, zoom!

Edna goes on a walk with Zoe, or is it the other way around? Zoe takes off as soon as she straps on a leash. But Zoe's shambles help a few people along the way, from store employees laboring to push randomly parked shopping trolleys to billboard painters. But what happens to Edna?

We picked this book for its cover. The plot revolves around an untamed dog who rushes its owner during a stroll while still managing to assist people along the route. The illustrations are bright and go well with the text.

Children may laugh aloud while reading John Brewer's Zoe the Pull-Leash Dog, a funny take on a mischievous dog's walk with its owner.

Originally published: 2023

Author: John Brewer

Rating basis (of 5.0): Story (3.5), Characters (4.0), Writing Style (4.0), Illustrations (4.0), Cover (4.0) & Ease (4.0)

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