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Animals All Around: An Alphabet and a Note for Parents

More than just alphabets.

The book introduces each of the English alphabets with a corresponding animal. For example, the letter ‘O’ has Octopus. Then, a brief note on the animal and a picture describe the habitat, feature, or characteristics. It followed this format for all the alphabets.

There is a quick exercise where the child can identify the letters. Also, includes some facts about a bird and a fish. Finally, the book concludes with a note to parents on helping a child start early with the learning process.

An alphabet book is an essential requirement for any child’s home library. This book can support the learning of alphabets, learning animals’ names, and some interesting facts about them. This way, we can use the book for both beginners and intermediaries learners.

A worthy pick to engage kids with learning of alphabets and introducing new animals.

Originally published: 2022

Author: Delores Henriques

Disclaimer: The copyrights of all the images used here belong to the book publishers, authors and illustrators. This review was requested by the author/publisher. The opinions expressed here are our personal views. Please contact us if you are the author or illustrator of this book and want this review removed from our site.

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