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The Ant Explorer Goes to the Beach

A tiny, big adventure.

Sugar, the ant, plans to picnic on a lovely sunny day. His mom packs some melons for lunch. Sugar sports a cool hat and starts his trip. He tries to cross a river using a leaf but ends up underwater. There he meets many species in different colors. Finally, a crab saves him and drops him on the land. When he gets hungry, he prepares to eat a stealing seagull comes by. What happens to Sugar? Did he get back home?

We picked this book for its cover. The story is easy-to-read, and the illustrations are charming. In addition, the book introduces many animal species and colors to young children.

The Ant Explorer Goes to the Beach by Alison Serene is a beautifully illustrated, rhyming story of a sugar ant that introduces kids to colors and a few sea animals.

Originally published: 2022

Author: Alison Serene

Disclaimer: The copyrights of all the images used here belong to the book publishers, authors, and illustrators. The publisher/author requested this review. The opinions expressed here are our personal views. Please contact us if you are the author or illustrator of this book and want this review removed from our site.

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