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Eva's Imagination

Let's go wild!

Eva whined to her mom, saying she was bored. Her mom asked her what had happened to her imagination. A curious Eva wondered what’s imagination was, and she decided to find it with the help of her pet dog, Chops. Eva packed a few things and set off for an adventurous journey. The journey went into a deep jungle involving climbing steep mountains and crawling in a dark cave. But did Eva find her imagination?

We picked this book based on a recommendation. A child pictures her way of finding her ‘imagination’. The illustrations are adorable, capturing the essence of the story.

Eva’s Imagination by Wenda Shurety is a fun adventure that every young explorer will admire.

Originally published: 2018

Author: Wenda Shurety

Illustrator: Karen Erasmus

Disclaimer: The copyrights of all the images used here belong to the book publishers, authors, and illustrators. The opinions expressed here are our personal views. Please contact us if you are the author or illustrator of this book and want this review removed from our site.

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