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Be You!

Only you can be you.

The book encourages kids to be themselves, no matter what. Be ready for new things, curious to find answers, adventurous to explore, connected to feel better, and never give up. And it is okay to be different, but it is essential to be kind and understanding.

We picked this book for its title. The book compels young children to accept who they are and treat others with kindness. In addition, kids will like the illustrations because they are entertaining and vivid..

Be You! by Peter H. Reynolds makes for a beautiful read-aloud in the classroom because of its central message of embracing oneself and the surrounding people.

Originally published: 2020

Author: Peter H. Reynolds

Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds

Rating basis (of 5.0): Story (5.0), Characters (5.0) Writing Style (5.0), Illustrations (4.0) & Ease (4.5)

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