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A Place for Pockets

Help others to help yourself.

Pockets, the clown has a heart of gold. He rescues cats and kittens from the street and finds a new home for them. Then, one day, Pockets makes a trip to the town's circus to see his friends. On his way to the circus, he finds more cats, rescues them, and places them in a home.

He still has cats and kittens that need a safe place, but he drives further toward the circus. Next, he notices his friend Flip Flop is in trouble and gives him a lift. Later, they see their friend, Fuffy, stuck in a pit and help him escape it. The story goes on with pockets helping more cats, but Pockets himself is homeless. So, finally, did pockets reach the circus? Did he meet his friends? Did he find a home?

The story of Pockets is about helping others. The act of helping will pay back, eventually. Children reading about Pockets' endeavor to help cats and kittens may want to be more generous, like him. The language is simple, but children may need adult help navigating the story. Illustrations that are digitally made and cartoon-styled support the story.

A nice storyline for bedtime reading, with an optimistic message for children.

Originally published: 2021

Author: Kathleen Ann Kotlan

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